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Tax Liens  *  I.R.S. & State Of Arkansas Collection Notices  *  Unfiled Tax Returns  *  Audits

Our firm consists of IRS Enrolled Agents and Tax Consultants who can provide you with immediate tax relief from the IRS and the State Of Arkansas. Collection action that has taken place or has being threatened can usually be stopped within 24 hours of retaining our services. The IRS  Offer  in Compromise  option allows individuals and businesses that qualify to reduce their tax debt for a percentage on the dollar. Penalties can be completely abated or reduced, based on the taxing authorities reasonable cause criteria. There  are  many  different options that exist, including installment agreements that are within your cash flow and within your ability to function effectively.

The IRS rules are constantly changing. Local revenue officers and the Automated Collection System have become more aggressive. Your tax matter requires a firm that will respond immediately to your tax problem. Our staff will resolve your tax matter before your bank accounts have been levied or before the IRS or State seizes your property and receivables. Once Pro File America has been retained, the IRS and State will no longer contact you directly. We have helped thousands of taxpayers over the years, and have resolved their matters in a timely and cost effective manner.

We are available upon your request. Simply call our office for an appointment, we’ll listen to your tax issue and get to work immediately. We pride ourselves giving all clients personalized attention. You’ll have the peace of mind knowing that options do exist and that a resolution is a reality, if the appropriate steps are taken.

Our pricing is fair & simple. If you owe less than $50,000; we charge $500 retainer and $500 per tax issue. For tax matters above $50,000 the retainer fee is $1500. Your specific tax issue and your income could qualify you for a lower rate. Additional tax issues may be discovered as the case progresses.

Our staff can prepare all of the federal and state tax returns; personal, business, and payroll. Our staff will ensure that in the future, you remain in compliance with all filings and payments to the taxing authorities. Unlike other firms, all work performed on your account will be kept in-house. Our firm will work together to move your matter towards a final resolution as quickly as possible.

We have successfully represented thousands of individuals and resolved millions of dollars in delinquent taxes. Contact us now and we will personally listen to your concerns and explain your options to you. Our IRS Enrolled Agents and Tax Resolution Specialists will begin to resolve your tax issues immediately. Feel free to contact us to schedule a meeting or to answer any further questions.

If you owe $10,000 or more; you have no time to waste! Call or email us today!